The Chevron Kern River Oil Field implemented a cooperative program with the Cawelo Water District in 1994 to convey 160 degree Fahrenheit production water from the oil field through an eight-mile long, 30-inch pipeline, for agricultural water purposes. After several pipeline failures it was determined in June 2006 that the pipeline must be replaced. Dee Jaspar and Associates, Inc. was given the task of designing a 42-inch replacement pipeline in a schedule driven project to meet an installed and operational deadline of March 2007. The $40.0 million dollar project included eight-miles of 42-inch polyurethane lined and coated steel piping through difficult terrain and utility congested areas as well as air release valves, blow off assemblies, expansion joints, concrete vaults, pig launcher and pig receiver design. The project considered and involved the following critical issues.
  • Pipeline alignments, rights-of-way, environmental review, and easement preparations
  • Pipe material analysis and selection
  • Steel pipe and joint design
  • Steel pipe coating and lining analysis and selection
  • Cathodic protection
  • Surge analysis
  • Thermal expansion and design provisions
  • Construction inspection


The Cawelo Water District implemented the Famoso Groundwater Banking Project in an effort to ensure adequate long-term water supplies for landowners, eliminate the need for pro-rating water supplies to landowners within the District service area, and expanding the District service area. The $25 million dollar project involved the design and construction of several facilities as outlined below. Dee Jaspar and Associates, Inc. provided the engineering design, construction inspection, and contract administration for these projects. The design work involved open channel design, pipeline hydraulics, pump and motor design, reinforced concrete design, steel structure design, erosion control, surge analysis, corrosion control, grading design and electrical and control design.
  • Reinforced Concrete Diversion Structure in Poso Creek
  • Recharge Pond Interbasin Structures
  • Canal Earthwork and Concrete Lining
  • Reinforced Concrete Canal Headwork Structure
  • Canal Check Structure
  • Reservoir Inlet Structure with Traveling Water Screens
  • One mile of 60-inch RCP pipeline
  • 160 cfs, 1,150 hp Reinforced Concrete Pump Station
  • 90 cfs, 3, 500 hp Reinforced Concrete Pump Station
  • 30 cfs, 400 hp Reinforced Concrete Pump Station
  • Pumps, Motors, Discharge Piping, Valves, & Appurtenances
  • Masonry Block Buildings with Metal Roof for Site Electrical Gear
  • Overhead 12kV Electrical Distribution System and Site Electrical and Controls
  • Ten miles of 24-inch to 48-inch Distribution System Pipelines and Appurtenances
  • Five miles of 18-inch to 36-inch Distribution System Pipelines and Appurtenances
  • Cathodic Protection
  • 50 acre-ft Water Storage Reservoir


This $8.5 million dollar project was a joint project between the Kern County Water Agency Improvement District No. 4, Kern Tulare Water District, and Rosedale Rio Bravo Water Storage District for recovering stored water in the Kern River aquifer and conveying it to the Cross Valley Canal. The project consisted of the design, construction inspection, and contract administration for the following:
  • Drilling and casing two 10 cfs water wells
  • Drilling and casing five 5 cfs water wells
  • Equipping seven water wells with pumps, motors, and discharge piping
  • Two miles of 14-inch to 48-inch pipelines consisting of PVC and Cement Mortar Lined and Coated Steel Pipe
  • Two cased road crossings
  • Reinforced Concrete Inlet Structure to the Cross Valley Canal
  • Overhead 21kV High Voltage Distribution System and Site Electrical and Controls
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Well Pad Earthwork



The design and construction administration of the Hageman #2 Ozone Facility for Vaughn Water Company in the Rosedale area of Kern County. Vaughn Water Company relies upon groundwater as the water supply source for the Rosedale Community. In the Rosedale area hydrogen sulfide is encountered in the deeper water wells. Vaughn Water Company utilizes ozone treatment to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas from the water. This project included the design and monitoring of a 1,200 ft deep water well with water quality testing, equipping of the water well with pump, motor, and discharge piping, site grading, 30,000 gallon stainless steel bolted water storage tank, 2,500 gpm booster pumping plant, 600 sq. ft metal building, ozone water treatment, landscaping, site development, and electrical and controls.


The design and construction administration of the 2.7 Million Gallon Water Storage Tank for Vaughn Water Company in the Rosedale area of Kern County. This storage tank was constructed to provide maximum storage capacity for the water company and take advantage of time of use pumping as well as assist in meeting peak hour municipal demands. The project included land acquisition, precise development plan, environmental review, site development, site grading, 2.7 million gallon welded steel water storage tank and appurtenances, 6,750 gpm booster pumping station, landscaping, electrical and controls.
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