About Us:

Dee Jaspar & Associates, Inc., founded in 1980 and established as a California corporation in 1982, is a professional civil engineering corporation. For more than twenty five years, civil engineers at Dee Jaspar & Associates, Inc. have specialized in project management, design, and construction administration for both public and private sectors. Dee Jaspar & Associates, Inc. is headquartered in Bakersfield, CA, with a regional office in Porterville, CA.
Along with general engineering work, Dee Jaspar and Associates, Inc. performs water system related work for municipal and agricultural clients in the Kern County and Tulare County areas. Included in this category of work are: the design of water wells, pipelines, pumping plants, storage tanks, and water treatment facilities, feasibility studies, planning studies, rate structure development, water quality studies, system hydraulics, preparation of water system standards for design and construction, easement descriptions, construction staking, construction inspection, and plan checking for water systems.

Dee Jaspar, P.E.
Principal / Founder

  • BSCE, California State University at Davis, 1970
  • California Registered Civil Engineer (Lic.#23042)
  • Registered Agricultural Engineer (Lic.#161)
  • Oregon Registered Civil Engineer (Lic.#63260PE)
Professional Affiliations
  • CELSOC:Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California
  • APWA: American Public Works Association
  • Oregon Registered Civil Engineer (Lic.#63260PE)
  • CLSA: California Land Surveyors Association
Project Experience
Dee Jaspar has been involved in civil engineering projects for the past thirty-six years. He has experience in design of small dams (including retrofitting existing dams), canals, pipelines, municipal and agricultural wells, pumping plants, water treatment plants, and surge control equipment. He has prepared grading plans, drainage plans, site development plans, tract maps, parcel maps, drainage studies, land use plans (including specific plans), tract improvement plans, and ALTA surveys. He has surveyed municipal, urban, agricultural, and mountain properties, performed construction staking, and participated in aerial-topographic surveys. Mr. Jaspar has designed and constructed commercial and industrial buildings. His structural experience also includes retaining walls, foundations, small bridges, crane buildings, and water storage tanks. He has performed ground water studies, shallow ("perched") water studies, and ground water pollution studies for agricultural evaporation basins, and deals with the State Regional Water Quality Control Board in these matters. He participated in a joint Bureau of Reclamation/Department of Water Resources study of the soils and ground water underlying an agricultural evaporation basin in southern Kern County, conducted studies of the contaminants in the liners of agricultural evaporation basins in northern Kern County, and has prepared closure plans for said basins. He has performed energy use studies for water pumping plants and other water-related facilities. Mr. Jaspar co-chaired a Technical Advisory Committee for a California Energy Commission study (1977) on the use of a power for pumping irrigation water. He co-authored a paper for the American Society of Civil Engineers on the control of transient pressures in pipelines (Pittsburgh, Pa., 1978), and a paper for the Eleventh Ozone World Congress regarding the use of ozone treatment of municipal water systems (San Francisco, Ca., 1993). Mr. Jaspar performs forensic engineering and expert witness work in the western United States. He has delivered expert witness testimony as a technical expert in underground pipe installation, land surveying, and flood damage cases.
Publication Papers
  • Air Chambers for Control of Transient Pressures for Well Deliveries into Irrigation Systems, American Society of Civil Engineer's Spring Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 1978.
  • A Practical Application of Ozone to Remove Taste and Odor Due to Sulfides, Eleventh Ozone World Congress and Exhibition, San Francisco, California, September 1993.

Curtis Skaggs, P.E.
Firm Partner / Principal Engineer

  • BS Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California, 1997
  • Professional Civil Engineer (Lic.#C60960),California, 2000
Professional Affiliation
  • ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers
Summary of Experience
Mr. Skaggs offers approximately ten years experience as a civil engineer. His experience includes civil design, construction inspection, and management of civil engineering projects for municipal water projects and agricultural water projects. During his career, Mr. Skaggs has developed close working relationships with clients and local agencies to present and complete engineering designs that meet the needs of our clients. He performs the design and specifications for grading plans, water storage tanks, pumping plants, water wells, sewer and storm drain systems, canals, weir structures, pipelines, and well head treatment processes. He performs water distribution system flow modeling, flood modeling, water system plan checking, and other engineering services. His experience includes the preparation of water supply permit applications, compliance with the drinking water source assessment program, and other permitting issues.

Select Project Experience
Three Million Gallon Welded Steel Reservoir and Booster Pumping Station, Bakersfield, CA.
Performed the design and construction inspection for a 120-foot diameter by 32-foot tall welded steel water storage tank, 7,500 gpm booster pumping station, and 14-inch water pipeline bored and jacked beneath an existing railroad crossing. Design included site grading and layout, water system hydraulic calculations, horsepower calculations, structural calculations, and pipeline design.

Water Well Facility with Ozone Treatment, Bakersfield, CA.
Performed the design and construction inspection for a 1,200-foot deep municipal water well, site grading and layout, 30-foot diameter steel bolted water storage tank, booster pumping station, site piping, and well head ozone treatment system.

Pump Station, Canal Improvements, and 60-inch Pipeline, Famoso, CA.
Performed the design and construction inspection for canal improvements and miscellaneous concrete structures, a 1,150 hp pump station, motor control building, site piping, one-mile 60-inch pipeline, and inlet and outlet concrete structures. Design included pump hydraulic calculations, horsepower calculations, pipeline design, structural design, foundation design, site grading and layout, open channel flow calculations, and general engineering services.

Eight-Mile 42-inch Steel Pipeline, Bakersfield, CA.
Performed the design and construction inspection for an eight-mile, 42-inch diameter, polyurethane lined and coated, welded steel pipeline and appurtenances. Design included pump and pipeline hydraulic calculations, surge analysis, thermal expansion, pipe lining and coating analysis, pig launcher and receiver design, foundation design, thrust block design, and pipeline design.

Joint Use Recovery Pipeline Project, Bakersfield, CA.
Performed the design and construction for seven, 780-foot deep recovery water wells, pumps, motors, discharge piping, two-miles of conveyance pipeline and appurtenances, concrete inlet structure, slide gate, and miscellaneous appurtenances.
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